Installation process.

Once you extract code files, you will see the folders as show on below image.

Now go to "digi_restro_for_dedicated_hosting" directory and create zip of files from "digi_restro_for_dedicated_hosting" and then Extract "" file on current directory

Requires PHP Version: >=8.1.2 & Imagick PHP Extension

The following process will be used to install admin dashboard using package manager

1. Server Requirements:

2. Install php package manager Composer : Please install latest version of composer from

3. This project is using Laravel version 9.x.

4. Copy laravel folder from themeforest bundle and extract to your suitable directory or folder.

5. Open terminal or command prompt with installation directory/folder.

6. Install PHP dependencies: composer install

7. Create new .env file from copying .env.example

Note:- Fill the database connection details in ".env"


8. Generate laravel app key php artisan key:generate and php artisan storage:link

9. Generate database and admin login php artisan migrate --seed

System default login.


Password: Admin@123#

10. Run command php artisan serve to start php server which will run laravel or if you are using other server apps like WAMP, XAMP or MAMP, you can follow that guide.

11. Set serve url to .env

and run command php artisan config:clear

In case if you have any problems or query then please contact us