How to change application settings.

The following process will be used to change application settings.

Click on: Settings >> Open application settings screen.

  1. Application Name: Add your web application name here to change everywhere app name.
  2. Currency: Change your currency here to change everywhere currency.
  3. Timezone: Change your system defualt timezone here.
  4. Date & Time: Change your system defualt date & time here.
  5. Language: Change your system defualt language here.
  6. Logo: Change your system logo, you can upload light and dark logo.
  7. Mail Settings: Change your mail settings here.
    Host: Put your SMTP host here
    Port: Put your SMTP port here
    Encryption: Put your SMTP encryption here
    Username: Put your SMTP username/email here
    Password: Put your SMTP password here
    From Address: Put your SMTP From address here
  8. Logo & favicon: Change your system defualt Logo & favicon here.

Click on Save button to apply all changes

In case if you have any problems or query then please contact us